Company Value

Being a Responsible Company

At Alif Boiler, we have always believed in the importance of building a great, enduring company that strikes a balance between profitability and a social conscience.

It started with our early visits to the places where the boiler is to be placed. We nurtured personal relationships and built a global network of support to create a new way to

manufacture boiler: one that is sustainable, transparent and good for people and the client.

Participating in the competition of the global industrial revolution is essential for the progress and development of the country. And the emergence of Alif is to introduce Bangladesh to this global industrial competition.

We believe in change. We want to see today’s import-dependent Bangladesh at the level of the next production-dependent, developed country. With that goal in mind, we are committed to building international standard boilers. In the near future, we would like to contribute beyond the borders of the country to the international arena.

InshaAllah, this continuous path of ours for the last 13 years will continue in the future as well