Alif’s Story

Alif’s Story

Alif boiler is mainly the manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of industrial boilers. The company also manufactures different garments finishing items. They started their journey in 2006 with the manufacture of all kinds of garments finishing machines. And now with 13 years of experience in boiler design, technique, production, installation, and operation, they claim to be one the most high-tech innovative specialized steam boiler manufacturing companies in Bangladesh.

Alif is named after the first alphabet (ا (of Arabic with a view to achieving the first position in quality, service, cost. Their logo is also inspired by Gear with 12 pinions – Engineering Service around 12 months.

Alif boilers ltd always target to provide safe and energy-saving boilers to their customers. “Trust, service, quality” is their business policy. Their main products are horizontal gas boiler, vertical gas boiler, horizontal jhute boiler, vertical jhute boiler, electric jhute boiler, husk boiler, etc. There are also auto electric boilers, tubeless steam boilers, smoke fire tube boilers. They also supply garments finishing items like vacuuming iron machines, lady bed tables, arm tables, thread cleaning machines. In the boilers developed by them, there is variation in size, capacity, fuel which helps the clients to receive products according to their requirements and needs. All of the products ensure high efficiency and low emission.

Now in this industrial era, the number of factories, buildings are increasing day by day. And so to provide power for factory processes widely usage of boilers has become essential. In our country, we can see the same scenario. Alif boilers ltd provides boilers for different industries all over Bangladesh such as garments, textiles, food, wood fireboard, beverage, paper mill, pharmaceutical, brewery, laundry, sugar mill, rubber, etc.

These industries have spread and flourished over the years and the numbers of factories have also increased. So, Alif boilers aim to provide boilers with long life, high efficiency, guaranteed steam output, premium quality, less fuel consumption, and easy operation and maintenance. To solve the problem of limited amounts of natural fuel they developed jhute boilers which only need wood or jhute as fuels and also electric boilers which are fully automatic and only run-on electricity.

Alif boilers ltd targets to ensure the best quality and they provide Inspection certificate from the Inspection Authority, Office of The Chief Inspector of Boilers, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, and test certificate from Industrial Inspection & Testing Service (IITS). They follow BBR for designing and manufacturing standards as well as B.S, ASME Boiler and pressure vessel code, TEMA, TRD, GOST, DIN, JIS, and ISO Boiler Code ISO/R-831.

Participating in the competition of the global industrial revolution is essential for the progress and development of the country. Alif boilers ltd believes in expanding its business through global connection. They established connections with globally reputed industries.